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    Carpets are made of natural fibres, such as sisal, wool, cotton and paper yarn, all of which have been used at VM-Carpet for more than 20 years. The paper yarn is also folded and dyed at VM-Carpet’s factory in Lappajärvi. Materials can also be combined to get the best properties of two materials in one piece.

    Synthetic carpets are made of polypropylene and polyamide. Their advantage is lack of dust and tolerance of heavy use.

    In addition, we use combination fibres, such as bamboo and polyamide compounds, as well as Smart Strand fibres, which combine natural materials with synthetic fibres. These fibres are more environmentally friendly compared to traditional artificial fibre, and they often have plenty of other good features, such as pleasant feel.

    Wooden Flooring Section:
    • Timberwise
    • Motus
    • Xylo
    • Quick Step
    • Kahrs
    Carpet Section:
    • Elements
    • Riviera
    • Jacaranda Carpets
    • Westex
    • Timberwise
    • Vowerk Carpets
    Rug Section:
    • Jacaranda Rugs
    • Vowerk Rugs
    • VM Rugs


    Olivia K
    October 20, 2023

    We would highly recommend Fairfax flooring. They laid carpet and fitted a new wood floor for us. Dinan and all his team are incredibly professional, knowledgeable and helpful, and the quality of the workmanship of all his contractors is extremely high. We couldn’t hesitate to use them again.

    Emre Peker
    October 20, 2023

    We walked into Fairfax with a vague idea of what we wanted and came out with the best wood flooring that we could’ve dreamed of. From guidance to providing samples, finalizing the order and delivery, the service was exquisite. The team is very responsive to all questions and demands, and the products they carry are top notch. Post-sale services and consultations were also equally great. We couldn’t than Fairfax Flooring and the team enough for all their help, and strongly recommend it for everyone looking for pretty, great quality floors with excellent customer service.

    Fra A
    October 20, 2023

    We were very happy, from the first visit to the showroom to the last fixes. The service was professional, we felt listed to an well advised. Dinan was great and the installation crew was lovely to have around. Can’t recommend enough.






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