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  • 5 Interesting facts About Wooden Flooring

    5 Benefits of Wooden Flooring

    Wood is one of the classic flooring choices available to the Fairfax clients. We personally love the way that wood looks in a home and the longevity to it. Wooden flooring gives your house a strong foundation for you to transform it into a home. If you’ve been debating getting wooden flooring for a while now, you might be interested to know a couple of exciting things about wooden flooring.
    Increases Your Property Value

    You might not know this, but hardwood flooring has actually been shown to increase the value of your home when you put it up for sale. Prospective buyers tend to view homes with hardwood floors as more expensive and more beautiful in comparison to carpeted floors. Investment properties will benefit from wooden flooring. Furthermore, it’s been proven homes with wood floors tend to go for more than covered homes.
    Bring in the Class

    Anyone with even a modicum of interior design acumen will appreciate the simple beauty of hardwood floor. Whether it’s dark wood or something a little brighter the elegant look of hardwood is indisputable, you’ll find that this one change to your room will make the look of your room feel a bit better. Sometimes buildings in London have a somewhat ‘run-down’ feeling to them, especially in older homes, installing wooden flooring is a quick route to looking refurbished.

    Banish the cold

    Hardwood flooring is actually one of the best options out there for underfloor heating a massively important factor to any home in the city centre. This particular flooring type helps to keep in the heat and thus to make it easier to walk on during the colder months. There’s something really lovely about cosying up in a home with hardwood floors in front of a roaring fire. And there’s nothing worse than.

    Brand New Again

    A wooden floor can easily be refinished should there be anything that damages it. Maintenance is usually straightforward with wooden flooring, and in the hands of an expert, the refinishing of wood can almost completely be made over regardless of the age of the wood. You’ll find that with the right maintenance that wooden flooring can last and look great for years to come.


    This might not be an important factor for everyone, but music sounds better in a room with wooden flooring. Hardwood flooring actually supports the flow of acoustic sound throughout your home. This is perfect for those of you who want the gentle lull of piano music flowing through your building.

    Wood is a natural and breathable material so getting a gorgeous hardwood floor into your home can be the refreshing injection of energy and vitality that your home needs.
    To speak with one of our expert interior designers today about a wooden flooring installation just ring 020 7693 5775 or visit our showroom in Hampstead. We’ll be happy to discuss whether or not wood is the right move for your home and the best ways to install it in your space.






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