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  • The Best Flooring Options For Your Living Room

    The living room is the heart of your home it’s essential that you have the right floors underneath you. It’s the place you often retreat too after a long day at work, where you spend annual holidays and escape the rest of the world. Your living room is where you go to relax, to spend time with your family and those precious moments you’ll look back on fondly in a few years.

    At Fairfax Flooring we want your flooring options to inspire you and help build up a comforting space.

    Vorwerk: Frieze Carpet

    Vorwerk Carpet offers contemporary colour palettes and warm, comfortable materials that help you turn your house into a home. And Frieze style carpet is an excellent option for your living room as it’s loosely constructed by also durable. Frieze is an especially appealing option for those with children and pets as it’s easy to vacuum and hides a lot of dirt.

    Furthermore, with Vorwerk innovative colour schemes you have a unique opportunity to update the look and feel of your living room subtly, so why not brighten the look of your living room? Vorwerk Carpets can be made to fit into both commercial and private buildings. There’s also a wide range of fabric to suit your tastes.

    Timberwise: Oak Wood Floors

    There’s something especially grand about oak wood floors that give a house a particularly grand feel; if you’re looking for something particularly longlasting, then you should consider oak wood. Timberwise is a great company offering high-quality, sustainable Finnish wood with options available for any home. Oakwood floors are a neutral base which means if you’re looking to change the interior of your living room with the seasons.

    Quickstep: Laminate Flooring

    Quickstep flooring is a quick and easy way to update your living room floors; they are easy to clean and easy to install. A light laminate flooring can help brighten up your living room, and for those with high-stress jobs, it can be very convenient if you require a low maintenance floor. Laminate floorings might seem like an unusual choice for a living room, but it adds a certain sleek and modern vibe to a room.

    Elements: Neutral Toned Wool

    A wool carpet is a luxury item, but with Elements, you’re also getting a carpet that is professionally designed and feels a bit special. A neutral wool carpet is a timeless addition to any room, and it creates a very comfortable interior making your living room feel like a cosy little paradise. Elements is still a relatively new company however they still have the industry knowledge to produce exquisite rugs. Every home is unique, and each living room has a different function. Therefore there are no one size fits all flooring option. That’s why at Fairfax Flooring we offer bespoke services for each one of our clients, to talk to one of our interior experts today merely ring 02076935775






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