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  • Get Ready for Winter with a Bespoke Rug

    Get your house ready for the winter months with a bespoke rug courtesy of Fairfax Flooring. An exclusive quality crafted rug can help you set the tone for space. As the colder months kick in our homes become our havens and we set up ourselves up there as we hide away from the outside world. Make the transition into winter decor with a bespoke rug that’s entirely to your style.

    Famous American Socialite, Lee Radzwil once said when discussing interior design; “I always begin a room with a rug; it is literally the foundation of the space.” As a rug can help set the tone of a room whether you’re looking for a complete change in style, a new look for the upcoming season or directly just fancy testing out a new mood for a place without completely overhauling the decor. A rug is a statement piece in the room it can help you change the image of a home and set an entirely new tone for space.

    Why go bespoke?

    Bespoke design is an investment in your home and interiors. You’re able to pass down this exclusive piece to future generations all the while knowing there’s no one out there with the same piece. Getting a bespoke rug means you’re in charge of all the elements that go into it, ensuring an exclusive quality design that no one else will have. We’re happy to talk you through the materials and consult on what size of rug would work best in your home.

    Creating a bespoke rug can be the perfect introduction to a building a unique interior for your home or office. Rugs also work well on a number of flooring options meaning you can take it from laminate to carpets with little worries.

    Making Bespoke Rugs

    At Fairfax Flooring we’re happy to make you a unique rug of any size, material and colour, we’re delighted to create something that fits into your home and looks beautiful. We can source the materials and coordinate with suppliers to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

    Fairfax Flooring is here to help you unleash your inner interior designer and get creative as you personalise your space to make it as unique as you are. We’re here to make sure your new rug fits perfectly into your home, you can have as much input, or as a little input, as you want, we’re just here to bring your vision to life what that might be. A rug should be a reflection of your tastes, and we’re just here to guide you to the right design for your home.

    A bespoke rug can start with a consultation over the phone or in-person, whenever it’s convenient for you. Why not come to our Hampstead showroom and talk to a designer in-person? We’re always here to help!

    Contact our designers now on 020 7693 5775 and start the first steps towards your bespoke rug today.






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