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  • Kahrs: Versatile Wooden Flooring

    The most prestigious flooring manufacturers out there are the Swedish flooring company; Kahrs.

    Kahrs is the world-leading manufacturer of engineered wood, and we’re exceptionally proud to supply such high-quality floors to our customers.

    Why Kahrs?

    Kahrs was founded in 1857 deep in the heart of a Swedish forest, and the centre of their operation still exists in that small town.

    The ingenuity and commitment to quality craftsmanship are just two of the reasons why Kahrs flooring is so prestigious. Kahrs are one of the oldest makers of wooden flooring in the world and have a proud history of installing bespoke floors across the globe.

    However just because they’re an old company, it doesn’t mean that they don’t embrace innovation as well. Kahrs have pioneered PVC-free resilient flooring and glue-less Woodloc locking joint to improve the stability and ease of fittings.

    Furthermore, Kahrs has been so successful for the past 160 years because they’re committed to sustainability in the places they source their wood. They support the replanting of forests and promote environmental sustainability.

    Why go with Wood?

    Wooden flooring provides your room with understated class and has a versatility that other materials don’t quite have.

    When you choose us you have a range of woods to choose from whether you’re interested in oak, cherry or ash there ’s a style of wood to suit your space.

    Wood has an authenticity to it that’s hard to replicate and is suited to a wide range of rooms. It’s natural and breathable meaning that it helps reduce asthma and allergy attacks meaning it’s suitable for a wide range of people. Furthermore wood doesn’t just come as planks, we can engineer the wood to fit directly into a home with different or peculiar angles ensuring the perfect fit for your home. There’s also plenty of options in the presentation of wood including lacquered, oil hardwood and polished.

    How can Fairfax Flooring help?

    Fairfax Flooring supplies Kahrs wood in both commercial and private property throughout London and beyond. We offer competitive prices and expert installation. Wooden flooring requires specialist care and knowledge especially if your flooring issues are particularly niche. For example, if you require fast installation, your space has a unique shape, or you need bespoke advice- we’re here to help. Offering you a one-of-a-kind service throughout your project; from your initial inquiry all the way to aftercare, we value the customer experience. We’re proud to supply our clients with the Kahrs high-quality hardwood flooring; this is truly one of the best options.

    All of the Fairfax Flooring clients receive specialist interior design advice. We believe that every space is unique and our expert team are happy to recommend the right wood for you. Why not come to our Hampstead-based showroom and see our selection of Kahrs flooring in person, we’ll be happy to talk you through all of these flooring products and find a solution that’s right for you.






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