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  • Our Floorless New Product – Quick Step Flooring

    Here at FairFax Flooring, we are now offering Quick Step flooring for all your floor furnishing needs. Quick Step floors are not only durable, ergonomic and elegant, they are also extremely versatile in that they fit any room on any floor, such as; bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room and even playroom! Here are some of the busiest rooms that you should consider furnishing with these easy to maintain and trendy floors.


    When deciding on a floor suitable for your hallway you need to consider these crucial factors. The first being that the hallway is somewhat the most used bit of ground in your home. The hallway takes a lot of traffic and for this, you need durability and strength, a floor that is hard wearing and won’t flake or chip with heavy use. If your floor is highly resistant to wear yet still makes an elegant impression, then you’re on to a winner.

    Secondly, the floor needs to be water resistant for those dreadful cold and wet days. When you step into your home freezing cold and soaking the last thing you want to do is creep around your floor resisting any damage. With quick step flooring, there is no need. And at last, you need to take into account the daily mud and messes that you and your family and guests will drag through from the outside world every day. You need a floor with an excellent sealed surface and anti-static joints to make cleaning a breeze.


    The kitchen is the centre of every home. Here you cook, drink, laugh, eat and unwind in this room and a multitude of memories are formed here. So you need a floor that can cope with bursts of activity and a busy lifestyle. Whilst in the kitchen, every one of us is prone to a few spillages and some mess, and as hygiene is a crucial must for food preparation areas, you need a floor can handle heavy cleaning and brushing.

    Quickstep flooring will allow you to act carefree in your kitchen without fear of having to fork out more money for floor repairs. These floors hold a Scratch Guard protective technology that can withstand anything from smashed glass/plates to a dropped sharp knife and any large quantity of spillages. Additionally, these fantastic floors will suit any interior decor desires. If you are looking for an exotic style or a traditional wood grain design with any width and length of planks or tiles then you can have it, with matching skirting boards to top it.

    Home Office

    Your personal home office is a place you need to be professional and egormomic. If you have a beautiful work environment then you will overall feel the benefits of relieving stress, heightening concentration and aiding a clear thought process to work more efficiently. With Quick Step flooring, you can have a stunning office space all on top of a floor that you can rely on that is efficient and work proof. Furnishings such as chairs and tables and the result of coffee spillages can leave an office floor looking untidy, scratched and dented. With Quick steps hardwood, laminate and vinyl floors; this won’t be an issue. With various protective layers and Scratch-Guard stain proof technology, your floor will look good as new whatever the circumstance.

    We understand your busy schedule. And installing a new floor may not be on top of the priorities list due to its time consuming and stressful qualities. However, you do not need to add another task to your chore list. Quick steps patented Uniclic and Uniclic Multifit technology allow you to lay your floor quickly, effectively and like a pro.

    If you have been inspired by our brand new Quick Step flooring solution, then feel free to contact us on 02076935775. Our flooring experts will provide a more in-depth description of our new product to ensure you are 100% satisfied when choosing a floor to beautifully suit your home and lifestyle.






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