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  • Three Types of Rugs that will Add Character to Your Home

    Whether you are looking to brighten up a dark room, soften a minimalist area or add some comfort to your wooden or laminate flooring, a rug is not only a tool for adding character but also a brilliant way to add that extra bit of comfort to your home. Rugs come in a plethora of different shapes and sizes each adding their own impression on every room they are placed in, and matching the right rug to your home may become a task. Here are three rugs that are sure to add an interesting and bespoke array of tapestry to a room with a much-needed kick of character.

    Jacaranda Rug

    If you are looking to add a quirky and bold asset to your living quarters, then a Jacaranda Rug will do just that. Textural and tactile, the Jacaranda rug has a selection of interesting textures such as chunky boucles and bold stripes that will add a pop of colour and personality to any room. The bespoke Jacaranda rug wonderfully compliments a cream-white carpet/wooden floor and oak wood dining table, as well as attractively adding a dash of colour and luxurious comfort to any minimalist style bedroom.

    The material is hand-knotted from pure Chinese silk entwined with wool beautifully sourced from the high plateaux of Tibet, and carefully stitched together with New Zealand wool. Choosing this unique and flavorful rug will add an exotic flair to any bedroom, dining room or kitchen.
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    VM Rug

    For some, the thought of having a rug brings an instantaneous fear of mess and dust. However, you can peacefully rest assured that this natural fibre rug sourced from an enticing natural selection of sisal, wood, cotton and beautifully stitched with paper yarn, is made from a mixture of polyamide and polypropylene making it largely dust resistant even after heavy use. If you are looking for a durable and innovative rug design for your hideaway then the VM rug may be perfect for you.
    With a pleasant feel and sublimely soft texture, the VM rug boasts an added environmentally friendly asset that gives you peace of mind, as well as a charming statement for your hall, office or living room.


    If you’re looking for a durable carpet to suit your lifestyle then a Vorwerk rug is recommended for you. Closely interwoven and individual, this rug boasts a wall to wall size with a modern and trendy colour palette that looks stunning in any hallway or entrance.

    The hardwearing and innovative strength allows you and your family or guests to continuously walk over it without concern of ruining its bespoke quality. The modern edgings handsomely complement any hardwood flooring to create a more earthy and wooden appeal to your home. Or, you can adapt this rug, by opting for the rich velvet texture which creates a rich atmosphere and looks stunning in any dining/guest room.

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