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  • Where There’s A Wool, There’s A Way

    Whenever choosing a type of floor for you’re home there are many different factors to consider such as children and pets. So when you decide what type of floor should go into which room of your home we generally choose based on what’s the most comfortable and easy to maintain in that environment. For example, hard floors such as laminate or marble are generally chosen for kitchens and bathrooms where the chance of spillage is heightened and the cleaning process may be more extensive therefore a floor easy to clean is perfect for these rooms.

    Other rooms such as the living room, also known as the front room or lounge are usually the main room in the house where the most time is spent. Warm nights in front of the fire and movies on the TV are usually enjoyed in the living room. After all, where else would you live your best life if not the living room? So naturally, when choosing a floor for your living room you want it to be cosy enough for you to relax in, aesthetically pleasing and good quality. This is why our London flooring company recommends a carpet for your living room. Not just any carpet though, specifically a wool carpet.

    Now, there are three types of carpet’s available on the market which include¬†wool, wool mixed and man-made fibres. The living room is a perfect room for a cosy carpet and today we’re going to go through a few reasons for why you should get yourself a wool carpet for you’re living room if changing your floor is something you’re contemplating.

    Health & Flames

    Wool is a wonderful choice if you suffer from allergies and general irritation. Also if you have children it’s a perfect choice as wool itself is non-allergic and won’t cause you or your children to sneeze uncontrollably.

    Wool doesn’t release any harmful toxins into the air and it deters dust mites and bacteria growth making it a very sensible choice for parents with young children and anyone really who doesn’t fancy coughing up their lungs.

    A great choice for anyone who suffers from allergies and or asthma. Parents will know all to well about children falling or slipping on slippery floors but you don’t need to worry about that with wool as it has added grip and this extra grip has a positive effect on your balance, posture and prevents accidents such as children slipping, as we know they love to do.

    Wool is also beneficial from a safety point of view as wool is very flame retardant and most wool carpets when coming into contact with live flames will ‘self-extinguish thanks to an upper pile forming which protects the wool from combusting.

    Long Lasting & Friendly

    Wool is widely known for its luxurious look and feel. Wool always feels soft under one’s feet and due to its protective layer is as we mentioned, flame retardant, extremely durable and can easily deal with dust and mites without protecting them all the way around your living room thanks to its protective layer.

    Stains find a harder timing sticking to wool making it perfect again for those with little busybodies in the house. Wool is one of the most resilient materials you can get for a carpet or just in general and is long-lasting so with an authentic wool carpet you can bet it’s going to serve you for many years to come. Wool is also recyclable and biodegradable making it one of the most environmentally friendly options on the market.

    So if you are looking for a carpet that’s luxurious, flame resistant, biodegradable, recyclable, dust resistant, stain resistant, long lasting and just incredibly soft under your feet, then an authentic wool carpet is the perfect material for you. If after reading this article and feel that carpet flooring isn’t ideal for your home, why not read our flooring trends of 2018 for more inspiration from our London flooring company






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