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  • Choosing Kitchen Floors

    For many people, a kitchen is the heart of the home. The food is cooked, music is played, laughs are shared and meals are enjoyed by entire families in the kitchen. We all memories of our mothers or family members working away in the kitchen to make us all that brilliant home cooked food and a considerable amount of time is spent in kitchens randomly opening the fridge to see if anything has changed since the last time you checked. It never does, but that doesn’t stop us from checking every ten minutes or whenever we find ourselves in the kitchen.

    Kitchens often have a harder floor as many things can be spilt on the kitchen floors during cooking and eating times. If you have children then you know all too well the terrors of little ones running into the kitchen tracking mud, spilling drinks and causing a general mess so having a floor such as a nice fluffy carpet in your kitchen isn’t the best idea. So what is a good idea for a kitchen floor?

    We thought we could help you figure that out by taking you through a short list of kitchen floor materials you could use to create the perfect kitchen. Many people may neglect the floor as it’s just something we walk on but the kitchen floor can be the difference between a beautiful kitchen that pops and has great ambience versus a kitchen that looks like it’s best days are behind it.

    So with a little attention to the floor design and hopefully some helpful ideas from us will help you choose the perfect kitchen floor for your home.

    Contrasting Colours

    Often when people design there kitchen they will have reference areas in mind for where certain things will happen and go. For example, people figure out where the sink and ‘washing area’ will be. Where the ‘cooking’ area will be and where the fridge goes but when it comes to the floor most people settle on one design and colour and proceed to do the whole floor the same.

    A recent trend has shown people are moving away from this a little bit to be more adventurous and mix up there flooring. We don’t mean randomly but what we mean is you can have a large section of your floor in dark tiles and then opt for the cooking area to have lighter greys. A contrast in style and colour on your floor will help compliment the other colours and themes you put throughout your kitchen or could even help you inspire what to do with the rest of the kitchen following on with the same contrast theme for the walls and units. You could even consider a dark tiled flooring combined with a stylish Vorwerk Rug, which can really add a trendy element to your kitchen.


    Although grey as a colour isn’t very exciting in most things outside of loungewear, it can really present your kitchen with a soft welcoming ambience to anyone who walks into it. Grey floors are easy to maintain and are pleasing to the eyes as you don’t feel the colour is over-baring or drowning out any of the units or utilities in the rest of the kitchen. Grey also comes in a range of shades and if you want to contrast like we mentioned before, you could contrast with grey without ever changing the colour. Our grey Jacaranda Rugs are an example of exactly what you should be looking to add to your kitchen space.

    Adding some light greys to your dark greys will really compliment each other and give you an incredible base to start off from and from here you can build the rest of your kitchen based on this theme adding small splashes of colour to maybe your microwaves and fridges to make the floor and the rest of the kitchen, pop, while remaining easy on the eyes.

    Wooden Flooring

    When it comes to kitchens one of the most popular materials to use is wood and it has been a popular material in kitchens for as long as people have had kitchens. Wood is a great choice if you have children or are just a messy cook as it’s incredibly easy to maintain and clean as wood simply takes a mop or a brush to easily clean it. Kahrs and Xylo are our most in-demand wooden flooring types used for kitchens

    Wood also comes in a range of designs and colours from dark varnished wood to a very light almost yellow tint which many laminated floors adopt. Wood can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen as long as you don’t overdo it as too much wood can start to feel like your entire house is carved out of a local oak tree. Contemporary units with wooden floors can compliment the kitchen beautifully but wooden units with wooden floors can be overkill so keep in mind would as an added addition is beautiful but unless you’re going for an all natural wooden look, it can definitely overpower any other themes in your house or kitchen.

    Remember, when choosing a floor for your kitchen you keep in mind that the floor in the kitchen is quite a powerful addition and placing anything on your floor that drastically doesn’t suit anything else in your kitchen will become noticeable. Also make sure that with any theme you choose, moderation and balance is the key to good style, otherwise it can seem like you just put whatever you like wherever you like which is fine to do unless you are looking for a more coherent theme. Keep in mind when choosing a floor what will respond well to cooking, kitchen smells and children’s mess.






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