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    When it comes to decorating the rooms in your house it’s important to keep in mind that you cater the type of floor you choose to the type of room your decorating. For example, when choosing a floor for your bathroom you have to consider this is a room where a lot of water is expected to be on the floor and walls.

    Even though currently here at FairFax Flooring we do not offer such products like tiles, we always want to help our customers to improve their home by sharing our expertise to help you find the flooring products you desire. That is why in our latest blog we are discussing products like ceramic tiles, instead of our usual carpets and rugs.

    Moisture, in general, is going to be a consistent aspect of this room, therefore, you have to keep this in mind. Is the floor your choosing good at handling water? Does it absorb it well or will it get damaged? You have to also consider if the floor will be affected such as getting slippery or stained.

    So when it comes to you’re the bathroom, you have to be quite sure what you’re looking for and if what you’re looking for is right for your bathroom. Now all the bathrooms are different but essentially all serve the same purpose.

    So without further ado, we thought we could take you through a short-list of great flooring ideas for your bathroom. In no particular order let’s start with:

    Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles

    Porcelain or ceramic tiles are quite a popular choice for bathrooms and rooms where moisture is prevalent such as wet rooms and this type of flooring is very cost effective, waterproof and stylish. One of the great advantages to this type of flooring outside of the fact it’s very cost effective is that it can come in almost any design and style as well as coming in a range of different shapes from square to rectangle.

    If you want a stone floor but can’t quite dish out the cash you can get tiles with stone, or pretty much any type of design you want, pattern printed on them and have the same effect. Tiles are also very easy to keep clean and clean up very well.

    The only disadvantage to flooring like this is it can get quite cold. If you’re willing to pay for it you can sort out under heating which will fix it easily. Wet tiles can also be quite slippery which is another disadvantage but this is something you will probably have to deal with on some level with all flooring when water is involved.

    Sheet Vinyl Flooring

    We’ve probably all spent a considerable amount of time in a bathroom with a sheet vinyl floor. Arguably the most popular choice for the bathroom floors and has retained its top spot for decades. This could be down to how well it handles large quantities of water, is quite soft and perfect for families or homes with small children.

    The sheet’s also come in large quantities so you can cut the sheet to the exact shape of your bathroom and have zero seams and the best thing about sheet vinyl is due to its popularity and longevity there are literally 1000’s of designs to choose from.

    The only downside to this type of flooring is if you are planning a DIY job it can be quite difficult with sheet vinyl and if done wrong you can end up with less than flattering seams along with gaps and air holes.

    Natural Stone

    Natural stone is a very fancy and probably the most aesthetically pleasing of the choices on our short -list but this beautiful aesthetic does come at a price as natural stone flooring is the most expensive on our list and one of the most expensive choices for floors in general. For bathrooms natural stone is a good choice if you can afford it as other hard stone floors such as limestone, marble and granite have difficulties handling water.

    Natural stone is tough, durable and handles water a lot better than it’s tough counterparts. A great bonus to natural stone flooring is although it’s expensive it also holds it’s valued and will add value during a resale.

    The only disadvantages to natural stone flooring is the price but like we said, if you’re willing to shell out the cash to pay for it, it’s a beautiful and reliable floor for your bathroom.






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