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  • The Best Flooring Choices for Playrooms

    At FairFax Flooring, we know that making the right choice for the flooring of your playroom is essential; not only for the enjoyment and comfort of your family but also to ensure that you get a long-lasting solution for your playroom setting that both looks good and will withstand the test of time.

    With so many choices available to you when deciding on flooring for your child’s playroom; you need a solution that offers durability, comfort, and of course, in most cases, it needs to be stain resistant too.


    Traditionally, carpet is the most popular flooring choices for a playroom. It is soft and also helps to protect children by cushioning the blow if they fall over. A carpet is relatively easy to clean, it is cost-efficient, and you can choose almost any colour. All of these points make it a great choice for playrooms, adding colour and providing a safe floor space for kids to jump and crawl around on. What many people are not aware of right now is that there are plenty of stain-resistant brands which are available and if there are concerns about the durability of a carpet, rugs are often used to add to the longevity of a carpet.


    Durability is one of the foremost reasons that people choose laminate as their option of choice for playroom flooring. It comes in a range of colour options that can be made to match with any grain of hardwood floors and many who choose laminate flooring for playrooms, will also have it in other places in their home as well. Easy installation, quick and easy cleaning, maintenance and a low cost of replacement should any accident or breakage occur, makes them a great choice. A rug is also a prime accessory with this type of flooring due to the face it can add a splash of colour, which can be changed as the décor or theme of the room changes, it also adds a softer space for younger children to play.


    Choosing to use vinyl for your playroom is a great choice, due in most parts to its versatility. It is softer than laminate while being extremely stain resistant and very easy to clean. Vinyl is also a very durable, often more so than laminate. Overall, it is fairly inexpensive and comes in a range of colours and patterns. Rugs can always be added to add a softer area and also add a splash of colour. Installation is quick and easy.


    Although this might not be the first material that springs to mind when you consider the different flooring options for your playroom, cork offers an eco-friendly option that is actually perfect for a playroom setting. It is soft and springy when stepped on and provides a comfortable surface for the kids to play on all day long. For rooms that are expected to be used a lot or stood on for long periods of time, this is a perfect solution. It has a natural look and is something which has stood the test of time in terms of being on trend, being contemporary in appearance. A protectant is often needed for this type of flooring as it is not as durable as some of the other options. However, for those who are environmentally conscious, it is a superb choice and a great one for comfort.

    Whether you are considering decorating you are a new playroom and looking for best flooring options, or perhaps you are replacing existing flooring that is no longer fit for purpose, at FairFax flooring, we have a huge selection of choices and offer attractive pricing and installation.

    Our team is friendly, professional and experienced in helping clients across London choose the best playroom flooring. Our heritage in Interior Design also ensures you get a product that looks good and fits in with the look and feel of the room and house.

    Contact us today and ask us anything, we will be more than happy to offer advice, help you with your choices, and ensure you get the best playroom flooring option to suit your family’s needs.






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