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  • Flooring Trends for 2018

    The New Year is a great time to plan a new project or renovation. New flooring is a great way to completely change the dynamics of a room, and often, just by changing your flooring you can bring an entirely new look and feel for quite a small outlay. Whatever rooms you are considering new flooring for, or even if you are simply reading this article out of interest to see what lies ahead in flooring trends for 2018, there are some interesting flooring materials on the horizon.

    In this post, here at FairFax Flooring we have highlighted five trends for the year ahead in flooring and hope that we can in some way inspire or ignite a passion within you to dare to be different, and change the flooring materials you have right now for something a little bit different.

    Wide Wooden Planks

    Hardwood floors are always on trend; they are a classic choice of flooring that we do not think will ever go out of style. Grains, Stains, and Finishes are just some of the ways that wooden flooring can be altered to suit individual tastes or styles. One of the most popular styles of wood that will be used in 2018 is wide-planks. Generally, planks are approximately 1 foot in width. However, there are some which are a lot wider. This style of using wide-wooden planks helps to add a rustic feel to a home and can also help to add authenticity at the same time.

    Parquet Hardwood

    This type of flooring is made from individual blocks of wood which are then placed in a specific pattern which is called a parquet pattern. This flooring is available so many different variations that also come in alternative shades, finishes, and styles. It takes traditional wood flooring and gives it a contemporary twist. Geometrics are hugely popular, and various patterns such as Chevrons, Brick Weave, Basket, Herringbone, and Versailles are just some of the alternatives which are on offer.

    Grey Flooring

    Grey Flooring has become quite popular, and it is a trend that is set to continue for the year ahead. This mid-way point between dark and light has rocketed in popularity specifically in the wooden flooring arena. It gives a chic and contemporary look that fits in well with so many different themes and colour schemes. Because grey is considered to be a cool colour, they are not the best at adding warmth to a room, so depending on your style or décor, it is best to combine your grey flooring with elements that will add a certain glow.

    Carpet Tiles

    Carpet tiling is making a huge comeback into the homes of many this coming year.  They can help to add a modern look and feel to almost any space and form a truly unique material that comes in an extensive range of shapes colours, designs, patterns, and styles. Yes, carpet tiles are not all square!

    For those creatives out there, you can get bespoke carpet tiles made up of any design of your choice; you can mix and match colours and interchange these as often or not as you require. They can be installed quickly and easily, they are easy to maintain, and should any staining or damage occur, then you simply replace the affected tiles. The design possibilities with carpet tiles are endless.

    Recycled Carpet

    Last but by no means least is the eco-friendly option for the year ahead. It is no secret that environmentally conscious people want, and demand eco-friendly products for their homes. However, recycled carpet probably wouldn’t be on the list if you looked at flooring style trends for the year ahead.

    Constructed with recycled plastic bottles and regenerated nylon, they are offered in a range of eye-catching styles and designs. You can go all-out with a fully recycled carpet or tread carefully with a rug, to begin with, whichever you choose, you will be surprised at just how attractive these eco-friendly carpets are!

    Our team is friendly, professional and experienced in helping clients across London choose the best flooring for their homes. Our heritage in Interior Design also ensures you get a product that looks good and fits in with the look and feel of the room and house overall.

    Contact us today and ask us anything, we will be more than happy to offer advice, help you with your choices, and ensure you get the best flooring option to suit your individual tastes.







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