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  • Keeping your Hardwood Floors Warm During Winter

    Hardwood Floors look amazing, and many choose to have them in their homes above carpets because of this fact. However, keeping your hardwood flooring warm during winter is an essential part of heating your house and making sure you stay warm during the winter months.

    Anyone who has hardwood flooring in their home will know that the rooms which have this can tend to be a little cooler in the winter. You would also know that certain heaters and heating can cause irreparable warping to the floors as well. However, there are many ways you can effectively target this issue which we will be sharing with you in this post.

    Keep Internal Doors Closed

    Although this might sound somewhat obvious, and during the winter months both windows and external doors are almost always closed, keeping the doors or the connecting rooms closed can really make a big difference. Powerful heaters are for the most part out of bounds due to the warping effect they can have on the floors. Good old-fashioned insulation is the first thing you can do to keep your hardwood-floored rooms warm.

    Draught Proofing

    A very effective way to prevent cold hardwood floors in your home is to spend some time draught proofing them. Although it does take time and effort, it is most definitely worth it, and above all else, it works. Draught proofing your hardwood floors in most cases is a simple process of using a sealant. Not only will your floors be warmer, but you will also cut down your expenditure on energy bills. By keeping the warm air in and not allowing any cold air to enter, it is an efficient way to help improve the heat in your home.


    We advise all our customers about the impact of heaters or fireplaces on hardwood floors. However, as an important reminder, if the humidity in the room is low and you have a heater or a fireplace, this can cause severe damage over time. A humidity sensor or hygrometer is a specialist device, which doesn’t cost too much money, which any room with hardwood flooring should really have in situ. It looks very similar to a thermometer, but instead of measuring the temperature it instead measures the rooms relative humidity levels. A good basic indication of whether the room is too humid is if the level ever surpasses the 30% level. At this point, you would need to switch off any heat in that space as it can dry out the wood and cause warping.

    Area Rugs Help – A Lot!

    One of the greatest helpers for keeping hardwood flooring warm during any season but especially during the winter months is an Area Rug. There is absolutely nothing that cannot be solved with a large fluffy rug. Offered in all shapes and sized, not only do they help to keep a home warm throughout by offering an extra layer of insulation, they make the floors much more bearable to stand on. Rugs are also essential for the entrances of a home, helping to remove rainwater, snow dew or dirt from winter shoes, trampling in moisture onto hardwood floors should be avoided where possible at all costs.

    Why Choose FairFax Flooring

    Managing hardwood floors correctly during winter months can make a significant difference to your overall comfort at home during the cold season. Follow these simple tips for a warmer home this winter.

    Our team is friendly, professional, and experienced in helping clients across London choose the best flooring for their homes. Our heritage in Interior Design also ensures you get a product that looks good and fits in with the look and feel of the room and house overall.

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